Water Testing

Some of the residents in Brandywine are on WSSC, but many are on well water. The county does not provide water testing at this time. There is a website that can give some insight on the cleanliness of your water and what you could do to make it cleaner.

Environmental Working Group (EWG) has testing information on their site, though some non-profits have grants to test water and/or air, which we hope to get the results for soon. Follow us here and on Facebook to see future results and follow Clean Air Prince George’s, too – these are not updated regularly due to volunteer time limitation so you will not get a lot of messages from them.

For EWG testing information, you can go to Maryland state page to see their list of large utilities – if you don’t see them all, click More on the bottom of the list. The menu with 3 stripes in top left includes a search for your zip code.

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