Historic House Tour

This page is a historic archive of the tour information:



May, 2002


More than 50% of the buildings on the tour have NEVER before been open for a public tour and may not be again.

The buildings were contructed from 1733 to 1934.

There are notable antiques (furniture, paintings, organ, urns) within some of the buildings, though none are museums.

All buildings are privately owned or owned by member congregations.

The railroad is still in operation (see Pope’s Creek Railfan Guide).

Tobacco is still grown in Aquasco, but most farms are discontinuing the crop, so the tobacco barns seen will soon be a thing of the past.

75% of these buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places or County Register of Historic Places, though not all are in the most recent Illustrated Inventory of Historic Places in Prince George’s County since some have been more recently added to the register.

The brochure & map will point out where restrooms are available and provide a recommended location for purchasing sandwiches.

BUILDINGS LISTED BY DATE OF CONSTRUCTION (Linked to photographs – click your back button to come back to this page):

St. Paul’s Church & Cemetery with antique cars in the parking lot

Mackall House

Connick’s Folly

Old St. Mary’s Rectory

Black Walnut Thicket

Charles S. Early House

Immanuel Methodist Church

St. Dominic’s Catholic Church

William W. Early House

St. Thomas Methodist Church

Chapel of Incarnation

Woodville Colored School