Welcome to Brandywine, Maryland!

Brandywine MD 20613 map - south and southeast of Clinton, south and southwest of Croom in Upper Marlboro and north of WaldorfThis site encompasses all that pertains to the southeast corner of Prince George’s County, extending slightly over into Charles County. See the statistics page for more information about Brandywine, Aquasco, and Eagle Harbor demographics.

There are new and exciting things happening in Brandywine. There’s a Brandywine Revitalization Study for a walkable and bikeable community and the Southern Area Aquatic and Recreation Complex is open now with pools and community center activities for all ages. These projects are for the center of the town, whereas the county is protecting the scenic and natural area of the rural tier to the east.

If you’re a new resident, find your local civic association to meet and get updates from your local representatives and community safety officers.

Find local businesses and organizations and learn about area history.

Find events and entertainment in the area check out this page. You can also like our Facebook page and post events there. And you can buy things for sale by Brandywine residents here.

The photograph in the top banner is an example of our beautiful rural tier. These lily pads are in a wetlands which can be seen from Brandywine Road about 2 miles east of Rt. 301 across the railroad tracks on the right (south side of the street).

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