Sponsoring this site is cheaper than most newspaper, radio, TV, and other forms of advertising. Make your business noticed by Brandywine, Maryland and vicinity residents and visitors.

*Rates are presently:

  • $20 one-time for a link to businesses located in Brandywine on the Businesses pages
  • $60 per year per link within brief text at the bottom of the home page.
  • $120 per year for image banners on every page of the site such as those currently seen at the bottom of each page. The banners should be 468px × 60px.

All ads must be preapproved for content and link – this is a family-friendly web site.

Need a banner designed for you? Banners can be designed as low as $50 for a still image or $100 for an animated image, using your logo and design ideas.

Payments can be made with PayPal. For more information or to become a sponsor, email us at web[at]brandywinemd.com or call 301-782-9922. 

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* Rates are subject to change without notice to those who are not already customers.