If you have questions about Brandywine, Maryland, please email us to answer them for you. If you think you have answers that newcomers to Brandywine would appreciate, please email us this information.

Brandywine FAQS (Frequently Asked/Answered Questions):

* When and where can I register to vote? – And other election information, including links for our elected officials.

* Where can I find a place to stay? – Hotels, motels, camping, renting, and real estate.

* Where can I find things to do? – Entertainment, Events and Recreation

* General information about the area – See Statistics.

Check out the Prince George’s County Newcomers page.

If you are looking for information about using the internet, go to our Internet FAQ page for those who wish to find things quicker on the internet.

If you are looking to ask “experts” other questions, go to AllExperts.com where there are volunteers to answer questions on almost every conceivable topic (I volunteer there in 5 areas).