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Motels and Hotels: There are a couple of motels listed on the Brandywine Service Businesses page. There are additional hotels and motels south on Rt. 301 in Waldorf and north on Rt. 5. My personal experience is that affordability and quality are linked. In general, the more affordable places are closest and the higher quality ones are further away. You can find the hotels and motels by distance by going to which has coupons and a large listing of businesses as well as a search.

Camping: There is just one public camping facility in the area, Cedarville Park. It is in a state park with minimal accommodations for those who really like to “rough it.”  There is also a facility rented by the Girl Scouts for camping, Aquasco Farm. In addition, there are two cabins for large groups (primarily reserved for youth groups and educational programs) at the Patuxent River 4-H Center.

Renting: According to the Census Statistics, there are a below average number of rental units here in comparison with the national average. Many renters do not advertise, they go by word-of-mouth. You may find Realtors listed on the Brandywine Service Businesses page. To find realtors who specialize in rentals, you can also go to and put “realestate” in the “Business Category” section, along with “Brandywine, MD” clicking “search” and then scrolling down the list to “Real Estate-Rental Service” and/or “Rental Agencies”. Classified ads are another place to look for rental homes or rooms. The Washington Post is the most comprehensive resource among local newspapers. Facebook Marketplace also contains free posts with a zip code search. Senior housing is also available at St. Phillips House, see the Brandywine Community Services page.

Real Estate: See the Renting FAQ for Real Estate and other information about locating real estate in the area. To learn about property values, taxes, and current property owners, see the Maryland State Real Property Search and the State Department of Assessments and Taxation. New to the area? Check out this page from the Prince George’s County Government.

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