Web Sites

Is your business listed on this site? (Check the Service Business and Product Business pages.) If not and it is located in the Brandywine, Maryland vicinity, we can list the name, address, and phone number of your business for FREE. Just email us that information or call Joyce at 301-782-9922.

Like a link to your web site from your business listing? Send your one-time-fee of $50 with your web site address (eg. http://www.yourbusiness.com) to Dowling Web Consulting & Training, 13907 Cherry Tree Crossing Rd., Brandywine, MD 20613-7780. Or if you’d like to do it via email, email me at web[at]brandywinemd.com or call me (Joyce Dowling) at 301-782-9922 and I’ll send you a PayPal bill that will allow you to pay via the internet.

For more exposure for your business, sponsor this site.

You can also get an email address that will never change even when your service does (yourname@brandywinemd.com) showing your Brandywine, MD hometown in the email address, which may be easier to remember as it will most likely not have to have any numbers in it or compromise of the name you’d like. Just a one-time fee of $40.

Need a web site? Learn how to create and/or manage your own WordPress.org web site. If you’d like this service for someone else, check out our Gift Certificate. For more information, see this page, call Joyce at 301-782-9922, or email: