Help Protect Brandywine, Maryland

field surrounded by forest with gate in front of dirt roadAs you may know, the 4th fossil fuel energy plant in our small town is starting to be built right on Brandywine Road. It will be huge and have stacks that will be releasing the remnants of its cooling water which is waste water purchased from WSSC “as is” – of no guaranteed quality. This will be released into our air only about 1/4 mile from where the children of Brandywine go to school – Brandywine Elementary School.

Have you been down Brandywine Road lately? The work has stopped. That doesn’t mean they’re going away as they have permits and plans and have spent millions. Still area residents are working to either make it go away or make sure that it will be safe.

Please support our legal battle with a donation (online here) – every little bit counts or contribute as much as you can afford. Donations are tax-deductable.

SPECIAL OFFER: People donating $50 or more during April 2017 will be invited to a cocktail party at national historic William W. Early house.

Your support can make a big difference. Please spread the word.

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