Power Plants Hearing

Public Hearing, August 17, 2015 – 7:00 PM

Brandywine Volunteer Fire Department

Four power plants in Brandywine?! See blog article on another site here with a map of the location of 3 approved plant and this 4th one that’s proposed and supported by people who want jobs (jobs that will be mostly temporary and not primarily be held by local residents). ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS are the main concern for the meeting.

NOTE: If you missed the meeting, there will be another on the 20th at Waldorf West Branch Library, 10405 O’Donnell Place.

You can also send comments to David Collins, Executive Secretary at the address below:
William Donald Schaefer Tower
6 St. Paul St., 16th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
OR email: david.collins@maryland.gov

Also see this news story: Neighbors against planned power plant in Brandywine