Natural Gas Energy Plant proposed



The Genesis company from Delaware submitted a application to the state in July 2012 to construct a natural gas-fired energy plant on North Keys Rd., called Keys Energy Center. They went to the local civic organizations and apparently some businesses and churches for support. A Facebook Page was created, “STOP 2nd Brandywine, MD Power Plant” and a petition was started.

According to the hearing on Jan. 24, 2013 with the Prince George’s County Planning Commission (video here – requires Windows Media Player or Microsoft Silverlight), only 43 letters were sent to nearby residents to inform them of the plan to have a power plant with 175-foot stacks. The county staff report stated they could not do the necessary studies to determine the local impact due to the lack of details in the plan. Cooling water will be delivered to the plant, though the route has not been determined. See the county Planning Commission’s staff report (PDF).

The impact of the lights on the stacks were not mentioned as a possible impact to be studied, though it was part of testimony by a few residents. The emissions and cooling water are potential impacts to the environment and people. The logistics of several plants nearby, especially the Panda plant which is about 2 miles away, also in Brandywine, has not been studied for the combined impact.

According to The Effect of Power Plants on Local Housing Values and Rents, Lucas W. Davis, May 2010 at Berkeley (read PDF), housing costs are affected by 4 – 7 % in 1 – 2 miles of a plant. The total loss to all residents could be almost $4 million since there are almost 400 properties in the area according to PGAtlas.

The Planning Commission is taking comments. Hearings from the Public Service Commission of Maryland by early May. Keep informed by joining our Facebook page.