General Information about Brandywine

For an interview of a residents’ view of Brandywine, see the WAMU interview.

To find information about hotels, motels, theaters, restaurants, or people who live in Brandywine, Maryland, I recommend that you use If you’re looking for something that’s close to where you live in Brandywine and you are listed in the phone book, then put your own name in the form with Brandywine, MD as the city and state and click “Search”. Then click on the link at the right of your listing for “Email, Maps and What’s Nearby” then scroll down that page to see a list of types of businesses and service for which to choose. Click on what you’re looking for, such as “Restaurants” and you’ll get a list with the closest one first with the distance from your home on the left. When you find it, you can then click on the link for the map, though there have been errors, so it’s best to call and ask for directions to be sure.

If you’re looking for something that you haven’t been able to find, feel free to email us with your questions.